About me

Hi! My name is Manuel De Leon, I'm a web development student focused on Front-end technologies.

My path over web development has been a curious process (and necessary too). I used to work as Audio Engineer with more of 3 years of experience on TV, theaters and dubbing. Due to hard circunstancies that affect my country I decided to change for a new career that allow me to work anywhere and remotely. It hasn't been easy for me. It is not a linear process and, furthermore, it's been in a self-taugh way.

The first steps I made through web was with online marketing focused on SEO, there were a lot of mistakes but practice gives me a better perspective on how optimization works. It was easy to understand basic concepts like keywords, domains, CMS, HTML tags but... What is that? How tags works? How can I build an entire website just knowing some HTML tags?

Then CSS shows up and I had to do some reviews to understand how box models, positions, grid and flexbox works. After that a wild programming language appears... JavaScript!! JS is my "programming mother language" and currently I'm deeping on it in order to handle it better.

This career development has been kind of organic, step by step, every new technology hands me to the next one. My starts were entirely on-line with platforms like Udemy and Platzi and I'm still getting more knowledge about JavaScript and some frameworks.

I'll keep searching more about this path I chose, somehow it results me exciting to learn something completely out of my initial life plan. I like the idea of connect with people who is able to share their knowledge in a very open source way, to meet mentors from anywhere and refind old friends in the same career.