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Website structure with semantic HTML code.



Layouts and styles with CSS Grid and CSS Flexbox. Responsive web design and animations.



Web development with JavaScript for interactivity.

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Web development with TypeScript using Frameworks.

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Single Page Applications developed with Angular.

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React JS

Web application development with React.

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Web apps creation with React framework Next.JS



Blogs and websites creation SEOptimazed with WordPress.

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Last Articles

How to work with JSX in React?


The first step to working with React is to understand JS / JSX files. How do they differ? How does HTML fit into this technology? Should I study another language? Don't worry, understanding how JSX works is easy as it is the template that React works with.

Programming fundamentals for web development

Ada Lovelace

If you want to start programming it is necessary to have some basic concepts that will help you to better understand this path. This post is a general guide about programming fundamentals, languages, paradigms and specializations that will help you to clarify your decision.

Understanding the use of interfaces in TypeScript

typescript interface

TypeScript is strict with its data typing but it allows us to create custom data types at convenience thanks to interfaces. In this post I explain in a very basic way how to use them and take advantage of their potential in application development.

Most essential HTML tags you must work with

HTML tags

Tags! The basic structure which shapes your ideas and develop web pages or apps. HTML is the first language you should know to start creating your projects and in this article I teach you the basics.

Introduction to arrays in TypeScript

Arrays TypeScript

Surely you want to know the differences in the way arrays are created in TypeScript. Are they better than in JavaScript? What advantages do they have? This article is an approach to the behavior of arrays in TypeScript.

Everything about types and variables in TypeScript

Variables TypeScript

How do I declare a variable in TypeScript? What is a inferred type? Know this and more about TypeScript super powers on his variables.